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Day Job Memoirs

Behind the scenes Clips and images from my previous role for The Royal Academy of Arts AV and Lighting department. Please click the little dot bottom right corner for info on each image.

Varnishing Day 2018

View Burlington Courtyard, you can just see the DJ Booth & L1 Pa system we setup below Sir Joshua Reynolds sculpture.

Tacita Dean 'Antigone' 2

'Theres always one' Pesky fixture not responding, we had to get up and manually reset the blighter!

This should've been simple...

Just in!

Renzo Piano Ligthing View 7

'She's lost control again'

Tending to my Spirit Animals, Tim Shaw RA's summer X work. I setup 'Crow Patrol' WhatsApp group for the AV team to report any issues with this work, and there were, many issues with this work.

Hey morning shift, I hid the Tascam Recorder here

Last 'To Do List' before I went full digital

The mighty 'Karaoke Hole' invaded the Lecture Theatre for an amazing night at Summer X. Check the disco lights.

Bill Viola Placeholder Summer X 2018

Lens shifting the Lisa Reihana Masterpiece again 2

Tacita Deans 35mm 'Antigone' 1

Varnishing Day 2018 2

Renzo Piano Lighting install

Impromptu request for monitor that still had VGA connection for Microscope (opening in 5 mins as per usual) Cheers boss for owning the only remaining VGA flatscreen in whole academy!

All green. All good.

Summer X 2018 Opening. Operators view.

Tacita Deans 35mm 'Antigone' 2

Checking out the competitions warez. Summer X 2018

Good old Corio setup...

Check out me power conditioner mate.

Stack of iGuzzini 'Parrot' Fixtures. Hear them squawking.

Wonky stack of iGuzzini 'Parrot' Fixtures.

Sackler light tracks South

Sackler light tracks West

Lens shifting the Lisa Reihana Masterpiece again 1

Lens shifting the Lisa Reihana Masterpiece again 3

Varnishing Day 2018 3

If you know, you know...and it didnt work, after all that work...

Renzo Piano Ligthing View 1

Renzo Piano Ligthing View 1

Brilliant KSO AV specialists giving us the tour of Bill Viola setup. Absolute classic vintage CRT projector with orginal IR remote. Real privelege working on this exhbition.

Renzo Piano Ligthing View 1

Summer x 2018 Varnishing Day West view gallery 3. Meyers dispersed, ready to go.

Renzo Piano Ligthing View 5

Anatomy of a Proffessor Lighting Design 1

Anatomy of a Proffessor Lighting Design 2

Anatomy of a Proffessor Lighting Design 3

Classic 35mm Projector close up in projection room for Tacita Dean's 'Antigone'

Might not look like much, but had to include as 'The Most Annoying and Pointless setup' I've ever done.

Events team have a great sense of humour.

Royal Academy of Music 'In Tune with Feminist Time'. Fantastic event, very privellaged to have worked on this one.

Big screen 'situation room'

In trouble with the boss again...

BBC are back. Watch those Mic channels dont clash again!

I dont know if I feel more sorry for the Cactus or the SM58's

Another key, another rabbit hole...So many rooms in this place!

Phylida Barlow screen install outside GJW galleries. Check the 'trunking'

Morning! Please work, thanks!

How many screens for one screen?

Standard Cat 6 Eel party

Old faithful Bose L1's ready for action

Privleged to operate AV for Demis Hassabis 'Rothschild lecture' about his famous film 'AlphaGo' 2

What could go wrong?

Colleagues friendly notes.

That's 3B right?

"A dozen pars please"
"Sure, a Technicians dozen it is"

Was a good one this one

Crow Patrol AV Preparation

Quick TV setup for the Keepers House restaurant

Typical day at the office....

Setup for Royal Academy of Music 'In Tune with Feminist Time'. Fantastic event, very privellaged to have worked on this one.

But which button should you 'not press'

TV Banished to the naughty corner for HDMI audio out tomfoolery

Casualties of war...

Wonderful event, *description to be updated soon

Wicker Wasps in the courtyard

Last-minute request to cover sell-out talk. Many AV snags still unfixed in Lecture Theatre...Only former Archbishop of Canterbury, no pressure...

Anthony Gormley, Rowan Williams in converstaion with Tim Marlow...No pressure...

Ground Zero 'The Bunk' the night before the big one.

Me and me boss, hiding in the Gormley sculpture.

But it's not actually 'OK' though is it computer?...It certainly doesn't look OK out there right now.

Privleged to operate AV for Demis Hassabis 'Rothschild lecture' about his famous film 'AlphaGo'

Little setup for Hercules...

Could you just look after the desk whilst I use the loo please? Any feedback, just turn the dial down.

More amiable and pleasant scenes of Gilbert & George and Tim Marlow in the LT before 'The Fall'

Collections Gallery Dinner setup

Nice intimate setup in Architecture studio for fascinating talk on biodegradable algae packaging

Come along now guys...

'Data is the New Oil' Sir Clive Humby inspiring talk on big data. Motivated my decision to study MSc.

DJ setup for 'Expressway' takeover night in The Keepers House. L1's & LSP monitor

Backstage in the void, this isn't a PS4.

Back proection screen setup in Sir Hugh Casson Room for 'Expressway' takeover night in The Keepers House.

Also the name of an awesome late 90's compilation of 'hardcore' dance music from Formation records.


Proffessor Kneebone is back again.

Summer X courtyard view. 'Cheese Trusk' the star of the show...

Nobody holds a staff party like the AV team. We got flightcases for ice boxe, 20 multicolour uplights and 5k PA. Overkill? No way!

VIPS arrive in Burlington House courtyard for Summer X 2019 opening night.

Trust me, you do not want to ever have to press the Red button in this scenario...V V V expensive and unique 35mm film reel is not easy to replace...

Ask me later...

Its the Grape Man. Fighter of the Night Man.

Freudian Rip

  • Role Full Time Lighting and Audio Visual Technician

  • Date 2018-2021

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